The Taimen Conservation Fund (TCF) is a Mongolian based non-governmental organization which is dedicated to protecting Mongolian watersheds and its healthy population of taimen. Taimen, the world's largest salmonid, is an indicator of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. TCF is working to protect watershed which in addition to providing taimen habitat, serves as the main source of water for the residents who live along rivers. TCF wants to protect this water source for the next generation.

TCF has the sister-organization, The Tributary Fund (TTF) , an American non-profit organization that is dedicated restoring global ecosystems, strengthening and honoring indigenous traditions, and building long-term community well-being. TTF is working to raise money to support and restore the Eg-Uur watershed while working within the cultural values in northwestern Mongolia.

As an initial step to elaborate the Natural Resource Management Plan for EUWA a comprehensive socio-economic study of the EUWA and the pasture capacity of the area have been conducted. The related recommendations on pasture management was developed and submitted to the local stakeholders. A digital socio-economic mapping was developed.

In order to enhance an anti-poaching brigade capacity 15 environmental rangers were hired jointly by the TCF and the local governments. These rangers are supplied with the burden horses and uniforms. To enhance the professional capacity of the environmental inspectors of nine soums, the inspectors are provided with motorcycles and uniforms.

The 5th successive Meeting of the Power Steering Committee of the EUWA project was held in June 9, 2005 in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The Committee adjudged to include Tarialan soum of Khuvsgul province and Khutag-Undur soum of Bulgan soum to the project site which affords to conserve the EUWA entirely.